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As with most envelope companies, we can usually print flexo on our converting equipment.  For open side and open end envelopes, we can print 2 colors on the outside over 1 color on the inside.  We can print up to 10 colors or 5/5 on our 40" Heidelberg roll to sheet offset printing press.  The maximum sheet size is 40" x 28".  Aqueous coating is an available option as well.  This state of the art press incorporates many different technologies to ensure high quality and efficient operation.  We pride ourselves and our quality and it shows in our work.


Another strength is our flexibility in the different substrates we can fold.  We have folded material as light as 2 mil thick glassine all the way up to 14 point board.  We can also fold material that blocks RFID signals.  We have even created a house sheet of water resistant paper ideal for Parking Violation envelopes.  Bottom line, we can offer you both standard and custom solutions for your envelope needs.  Call us with questions.



We can apply dextrine gum, latex or pull n stick adhesive.  Let us know how we can help with your project.



We have manufactured envelopes for more than 20 years.  We can fold open end envelopes as small as a 1 X 1 all the way up to a 9 X 12.  We can fold open side from a 3 x 3 15/16 up to a 14 Commercial.  Our machines are set up and ready for your order.  Most of our machines can print 2 over 1 flexo and can apply dextrine gum, latex or pull n stick in line.