3D Flexibility Process
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Customer satisfaction is our driving goal, and we sum up our approach in one word – FLEXIBILITY.  JBM provides flexibility for our customers, from start to finish:



  • Developing Relationships:  JBM is committed to long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.  When we talk about “account management,” we’re talking about a tradition of spending time with customers, so we can better understand your needs today and tomorrow.


  • Defining Requirements:  JBM is always looking for the best way to bring our innovation to your envelope needs.  This means we need to work closely with you, “spelling out success” ahead of time, for you and your customers, as we identify the scope of service for every solution.


  • Delivering Results:  JBM is only satisfied when the solutions we provide are building sales AND satisfaction.  We make it a priority to ensure that every project is completed to the best of our ability, that all requirements are fulfilled, and that emerging needs are explored early.